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Bring your digital property listings to the physical world at a cost-to-functionality ratio that's off the charts! It's one of the most cost-effective real estate tools at your disposal, offering a level of engagement at a price that will pay for itself many times over.

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Proximity Marketing Benefits for Real Estate

Proximity Marketing finds clients instead of asking them to find you. Place a Smart Spot in the house, outside on a sign post, or within 100 yards of the road and trigger notifications directly to potential clients who have Bluetooth, Location & Nearby-equipped smartphones. A potential buyer can open the notification and find out more about a listing or schedule a tour directly from the information page. It’s a spontaneous rather than premeditated interaction, and buyers using most Android phones do not need an app to receive notifications.

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Change the Way Protential Clients See Your Properties

With BeLocal Pro, you can put your property listings right where you want them - in a potential buyer's hands. Harness the power of BeLocal Pro Smart Spot Beacons and Geofencing Technology, along with Proximity Marketing, to create a virtual open house without you even being there! Display beautiful, engaging property listings and offer on-demand virtual tours at all the properties you have for sale.

Give Your Clients Property Information Where They Want It -- On Their Phones!

No more remembering to print out property information sheets and asking clients to shuffle through the papers throughout home tours. Deliver home details in vivid color, directly to their devices while they're in the home.

Upon arriving at a property, a notification will be sent to the client's lock screen. When they open the screen, they arrive at a custom page for the house they are viewing. You can add information directly from the MLS, including photos, property data and a virtual tour or design a quick custom landing page, of your own, with all the information.

Enhance Your Open House Event!

Visitors receive a welcome notification as they arrive, creating a more personalized open house experience. This will keep visitors informed, and illustrates that agents are technologically savvy and promotes brand awareness for the realtor and their agency.

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The main advantage of Smart Spots is the BeLocal Pro Platform which allows the realtor to specify what notifications are sent to nearby mobile users. This makes it ideal for the real estate industry where the main mantra is “Location, Location & Location”. BeLocal Pro Smart Spot Beacons, which have a range of up to 300 feet, has brought Proximity Marketing to the real estate industry.

Smart Spots Geofence Technology, works for you 24/7/365, and does not require buyers to stop at the curb in front of the homeHome buyers merely enter the area for your home listing to appear.

The concept of BeLocal Pro Smart Spots is that they are proactive and initiate contact with the home buyer instead of requiring the buyer to perform an action first. The user receives a notification on a smartphone from a Smart Spot with instructions to click the notification to see the listing. The realtor has complete control of what content is displayed by the Smart Spot through the BeLocal Pro Platform. One-click on the notification opens a listing information page complete with the agent contact details and a "Contact Now" button.

It’s Easy to Get Started

Setup an Account

Signup for a BeLocal Pro Platform subscription, and choose how many beacons, geofences, WiFi, QR Codes or NFC Tags to promote yourself or your properties!  As your business expands, you can always add more BeLocal Pro Spots to continuously promote your good name, your business and your brand!

Set Your Campaigns & Start Promoting Your Listings

Sign into the BeLocal Pro Platform to create your content and campaigns, then assign them to your beacons, geofences, QR codes, NFC Tags, or WiFi Spots. Your listings will then be promoting from the strategically-placed spots for maximum exposure to smartphone users and potential buyers!

Get the BeLocal Pro App

The FREE BeLocal Pro App is available in the app stores. Make sure potential home buyers know about the app and where to download it. To stay connected with potential buyers, promote the download URL link on offline materials and online sites. BeLocal Pro will provide mobile app download promo signage for real estate agents. Contact us for more information.


89.95 / Month
  • SAVE BIG over $500.00 savings!
  • Access to the BeLocal Pro Platform
  • Unlimited Property Listing Content
  • Unlimited Property Campaigns
  • Unlimited Customer Retargeting
  • Unlimited Phone Support
  • 3 Smart Spot Beacons*
  • 3 Smart Spot Geofences*
  • 3 QR Code or NFC Tag Managers*
  • 1-Time Setup Fee: $19.95
  • Total Cost at Sign Up: $149.95 plus shipping
  • Then only: $89.95 PER MONTH!


49.95 / Month
  • Access to the BeLocal Pro Platform
  • Unlimited Property Listing Content
  • Unlimited Property Campaigns
  • Unlimited Customer Retargeting
  • Unlimited Phone Support
  • One smart Spot Beacon -- FREE* (6-month subscription agreement)
  • One Smart Spot Geofence -- FREE
  • One QR Code/NFC Manager -- FREE
  • 1-Time Setup Fee: $19.95
  • Total Cost at Sign Up: $69.95 plus shipping
  • Then only: $49.95 PER MONTH!


29.95 / Month
  • Access to the BeLocal Pro Platform
  • Unlimited Listing Content
  • Unlimited Property Listing Campaigns
  • Unlimited Customer Retargeting
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • One Smart Spot Beacon* (1-time charge of $39.95 for beacon)
  • 1-Time Setup Fee: $19.95
  • Total Cost at Sign Up: $89.95 plus shipping
  • Then only: $29.95 PER MONTH!

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