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Here's Why A Founder's Club Membership Is So Awesome!


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Founders Club Affiliates will have access to the BeLocal Pro Platform, the Belocal Pro Affiliate Back Office and Training Lab.  They all contain helpful How-To videos, promotional tools and access to your very own landing page for marketing of the BeLocal Pro Platform and BeLocal Pro Spots.  As a Founder's Club Member, you also receive a landing page for attracting new affiliate team members.  It's like owning your very own business! 

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Pre-Order your SPOTS and choose the appropriate monthly BeLocal Pro Platform subscription.


Register as a BeLocal Pro Founder's Club Affiliate Member, lock in your position and gain access to your new BeLocal Pro Affiliate back office.


Watch the BeLocal Pro educational videos.  Share BeLocal Pro to family, friends, co-workers & social media networks. 



Deliver rich-media proximity campaigns in minutes using our platform.
Add text, images, buttons, URL's, audio or videos to the templates prepared for the best marketing campaigns.

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BeLocal Pro Spots enable brands, advertisers and retailers to deliver proximity campaigns without an app. Marketing campaigns are broadcast directly to iOS and Android devices and displayed in the notification area. BeLocal Pro enables you to create, deliver and analyse Spot campaigns in real time.

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Unbeatable Features

The world is full of meaningless advertising; we see it every day on television, social media, computers, tablets, mobile phones and we are becoming immune to it.

BELOCAL PRO enables you to reach customers at the point of decision with real time, context-aware notifications to deliver content they seek.

Send Nearby Notifications

Send notification messages to any Android or iOS device to attract customers.

Customer Analytics

Learn about your users’ behavior and adjust your promotion to provide them personalized content.

Create Multimedia Campaigns

Engage customers with images, music, videos and call to actions like: Open URL, Call, Send Email, Open Map, Play Music, Play Videos and much more.

The BeLocal Pro Compensation Plan is very simple. We believe in making sure our affiliates are paid for the sales they make and for the effort and work that goes into building an affiliate team. We also believe the plan does not need to be complicated and take an MBA degree to  figure out what the earnings are going to be.  It is a very simple formula: you sell SPOTS -- you get paid!  You sell a BeLocal Pro Platform monthly subscription -- you get paid monthly!  Not only that, you should be paid when you share the program with others and they want to duplicate your success!

We payout on the 1st and 2nd Level affiliate teams.  BeLocal Pro has a Master Affiliate Program in which you have the ability to earn 5% of profits from a team override bonus -- that is everyone on your team.*  Plus, share in the Master Affiliate 10% of entire company profits pool.*  Take a look at this very special compensation plan right now and see how simple and easy it is to increase your income.

Purchase your Spots Pak and choose the appropriate BeLocal Pro Platform.

BeLocal Pro Platform (Basic)

$29.95 / per month

  • Manage 1-Spot
  • Spot URL campaign templates
  • Spot platform analytic reporting
  • Customer Service by email
  • Access to future platform upgrades


$59.95 / per month

  • Manage 3-Spots
  • Spot URL campaign templates
  • Spot platform analytic reporting
  • Customer Service by email
  • Access to future platform upgrades

BeLocal Pro Platform (10-Spots Pak)

$125.95 / per month

  • Manage 10-Spots
  • Spot URL campaign templates
  • Spot platform analytic reporting
  • Customer Service by phone.
  • Access to future platform upgrades

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