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Meet the entire BeLocal Pro Proximity Marketing EcoSystem.

Loyalty Campaigns

Coupon Campaigns

Geofence Campaigns

Push Notification Campaigns

Social Sharing


Easy-to-Use Ad & Campaign Templates

Flexible Schedule for Ads & Campaigns

Target Users with Personalized Ads

Reach Customers on Smartphones

Get Real-Time Customer Analytics

Collect & Save Customer Data

Want to engage more new customers or increase your current customer retention rate?

That’s easy with BeLocal Pro! All Platform Subscriptions come with full access to our BeLocal Pro Platform and at least one geofence spot, PLUS you will also receive all the marketing materials to get current customers on-board with the system.  This allows you to communicate any current promotion, sale, or coupon to them DAILY as they pass by! Change your promotions as much as you wish and watch the analytics to see which promotion performed best! There is more!  Your business will instantly appear in the Nearby Mapping Search feature, when ANYONE searches within the BeLocal Pro Community APP! Your  promotion will appear on nearby searches in the BeLocal Pro app -- up to 2 miles away!

Create your ads, promotions, campaigns, loyalty programs, coupons, retarget customers & more. All From The BeLocal Pro Platform.

As a local business, and with any one of our subscription packages, you’ll have access to an easy-to-use online BeLocal Pro Platform that allows you to manage all your content, campaigns, loyalty programs, coupons and so much more.  BeLocal Pro technology helps you engage consumer traffic passing your business each day. The easy-to-create interactive content promotions include: easy-to-use templates where you can add images, videos, URL landing pages, promotion descriptions, full location information, and social share links. Insert multiple links to your ads like online ordering or reservation URL links. Add a "push-to-call" button or even a map button with directions to your location using the phones built-in mapping  features.  Building a promotion within your online BeLocal Pro Platform portal only takes minutes to create.  All ad promotions instantly begin broadcasting from your BeLocal Pro Spots: geofence, Bluetooth Beacon, WiFi, QR Code or NFC Tags to mobile devices.  (Note: not all Spot types are included with each subscription package, but can be added -- additional charges may apply) 

Broadcast your messages to nearby potental customer's phones 24/7

Passing mobile phones, with the FREE BeLocal Pro Community App, receive custom promotions directly on the lock screen of their mobile phone! When clicked from the lock screen, your Ad promotions will open within the phones browser or the BeLocal Pro Community App and allow the end-user to interact directly with you.  A customer can “favorite” your business and save your promotion for later or share on social Media! Privacy Alert System algorithms prevent your promotion from contacting the passing end-user’s phones multiple times per day. Business owners may create multiple promotions and view analytics to see which promotion performs best! 

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Deliver content-rich media proximity campaigns in minutes using our platform.
Add text, images, buttons, URL's, audio or videos to prepared templates for the best marketing campaigns.


Send Nearby Notifications

Send notification messages to almost any Nearby-enabled Android or iOS device to attract new customers.

Create Multimedia Campaigns

Engage customers with images, music, videos and call to actions like: open URL, call, send email, open map, play music, play video & much more!

Customer Analytics

Learn about your users’ behavior and adjust your promotions to provide them with unique personalized content near point-of-sale.
  • BeLocal Pro Spots enable brands, advertisers and retailers to deliver proximity campaigns with the BeLocal Pro mobile app or without an app to Android Phones*.
  • Your marketing campaigns are broadcast directly to Nearby-enabled iOS and Android devices and displayed in the notification area.
  • BeLocal Pro enables you to create, deliver and analyse Spot campaigns in real time.

The world is full of meaningless advertising; we see it every day on television, social media, computers, tablets, mobile phones and we are becoming immune to it.

BELOCAL PRO enables you to reach customers at the point of decision with real time, context-aware notifications to deliver content they seek.

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Geofence is a virtual boundary for a real-world geographic area.
In the BeLocal Pro Platform, a geofence is generated as a radius around a store or point location. 
Customer receives a your ad/promotion notification on the a mobile device upon entry of the defined radius.


Deliver rich-media proximity campaigns in minutes using the BeLocal Pro platform
Add text, images, buttons, URL's, audio or videos to the templates already prepared for you.

new templates
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Returning customers spend 67% more than new ones so why not reward them for their loyalty and retain them? BeLocal Pro Loyalty Campaigns allow you to reward loyal customers with coupons for making a purchase, visiting a store or collecting a pre-determined amount of points.


Create QR code/ NFC tag campaigns with special offers, coupons or loyalty points to reward your customers. For people who do not have an app, create a QR code campaign with any URL address that directs your customer to download your mobile app.

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Measure number of visits for a specific Spot-URL campaign.
Learn the preferences of your customers and adjust by analyzing the impact of each campaign. 
This simple process will help you to provide them with the most exciting and personalized offers.


Push Notification Campaigns are a great way to stay in touch with your customers, even if they are not in the range of your beacons, WiFi or geofence area. You can send a Push Notification Campaign to notify your customers about a new promotion or event even when they are not actively using the application. Notifications can be broadcasted to all customers or sent to a subset of customers to give personalised information.

*Push Notification Campaigns are available at an additional fee.*



Take advantage of Spot campaigns and take your business to the next level.

Female clothes collection on hangers in fashion boutique store


Deliver detailed product information or commercials directly to your customers. Enable comparing products to have a great shopping experience.

Speaker at Business Conference and Presentation. Audience at the conference hall.

Conventions & Events

Always deliver up-to-date event schedules. Personalize the conference experience with engaging information about speakers and their presentations.

doctor examining a child in a hospital


Keep a Spot in your vehicle and continually promote your brand wherever you go. Keep one at each office 24/7 marketing to anyone walking or even driving by. Give one to every employee for 24 hour everywhere campaigns.



BeLocal Pro is determined to "BeLocal, BuyLocal, GiveLocal", and has the platform to help ensure this is always happening in our communities around the globe. Work with BeLocal Pro to help Local Businesses, Nonprofits, Churches and your Local Chamber of Commerce to engage and grow your community.
 Find out how your Chamber of Commerce, Local Nonprofit, or Community Church can benefit from growing your community with BeLocal Pro.

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