BeLocal Pro Nonprofit Proximity Marketing

It is not easy having to rely on the kindness of strangers.


Nonprofit organizations, by their very nature, rely on the kindness of strangers -- daily. For the most part, nonprofits must rely on the support of the public to rally behind any given cause for the betterment of their community. These local organizations rely on marketing themselves through their work, and many times this is not enough.  Today, brand building and name recognition are an important part of the struggle to procure enough monetary support to meet the annual goals. At the end of the day, what they do as organizations can ultimately impact all members of the community.


Ed Klaameyer, CEO of BeLocal, Pro states, “When we consult with a nonprofit organization, we treat them just like a business.  Our goal is to help them get the full scale of results necessary to complete their mission. BeLocal Pro looks at fundraising the same way as a sales campaign -- how can a nonprofit organization benefit from earned income opportunities, too?”


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BeLocal Pro promotes the “BeLocal – GiveLocal” movement!

The power of proximity marketing and BeLocal Pro, working together, means more supporters and members for your organization.  BeLocal Pro marketing technology helps organizations of all sizes, gain more supporters and to re-engage a greater number of existing donors and supporters.  As digital media continues to improve, organizations find themselves needing to adapt to this sudden shift to remain relevant among their donors.


Together with BeLocal Pro as your partner, you can advertise your organization or events to potential donors that come within close proximity of your locale and up to 1-mile radius of your location with the BeLocal Pro App and geofencing technology.  By downloading the BeLocal Pro mobile app, your donors will receive your event notifications and promotions, or even donation requests -- the options are endless! It is a proven fact -- a nonprofit organization must stay connected to its members.  With BeLocal Pro technology, a nonprofit organization may retarget supporters after they leave an event to say “thank you” or to promote the next fundraising opportunity. By means of the BeLocal Pro platform and the BeLocal Pro mobile app, marketing has never been easier or more cost effective!


Complete an application today for the special Nonprofit BeLocal Pro offer and save over $500 in monthly subscription fees (annual savings), PLUS a “BeLocal – GiveLocal Bonus!*

As a bonus gift for your organization, BeLocal Pro will donate a new proximity marketing beacon AND the monthly subscription fee is waived!

This FREE BeLocal Pro Spot (beacon) regularly sells for $39.95 --  (FREE gift = $39.95 value).

This is a small token of the appreciation BeLocal Pro has for your organization and the work you do, and the support provided for our community.

You will be able to broadcast up to 3 different ad campaigns, all at once, with your Free BeLocal Pro Spot (Beacon). **

Also, with the BeLocal Pro beacon, you can send a notification / advertisement to Bluetooth, Location & Nearby™-enabled Android smartphones, without use of an app! **

Get started today and BeLocal Pro has options for door stickers, table tents and even promo cards to show your donors/supporters that you are a BeLocal Pro Nonprofit Organization.


BeLocal Pro Premier Nonprofit Advertising Package includes:

  • Full access to the impressive BeLocal Pro Platform to:
    • Create unlimited content for all types of ads, events, promotions and more…
    • Create unlimited ad and promotional campaigns
    • Create connections with unlimited donor/supporter program members
    • Create unlimited event campaigns
    • Promote your organization on the BeLocal Pro website and mobile app!
  • 1 geofence, set up to 1-mile radius with customizable ads to promote your nonprofit organization with the BeLocal Pro mobile app
  • 1 QR Code / NFC tag manager to promote custom campaigns

SPECIAL NOTICE:  A listing on the BeLocal Pro Nonprofit web page for maximum worldwide exposure for your organization (including links to your website and donor pages)

Want more beacons to promote your nonprofit organization?

Just choose the number of additional beacons you need and promote all over town!

Additional beacons ordered:  Special Nonprofit Price only (1-time): $19.95 each ($20.00 value)

Additional beacons ordered:  Special Nonprofit Monthly Charge only: $14.95 each ($5.00 value)

Complete a BeLocal Pro Nonprofit Application today!

*Bonus Deal -- 1 FREE BeLocal Pro Spot (beacon) which can broadcast up to 3 different marketing campaigns -- all at the same time!

**The Eddystone URL channel allows an organization to advertise directly to any Bluetooth, Location and Nearby™ enabled Android Smartphone without a mobile app. Also, advertisements will be seen on any smartphone with a physical web mobile app.  The BeLocal Pro mobile app will see advertisements on all three channels.

There is a 1-time account set-up fee of $19.95 for any 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.