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Returning customers spend 67% more $$$ than new ones, so why not reward them for their loyalty and retain them? BeLocal Pro Loyalty Campaigns allow you to reward loyal customers with coupons for making a purchase, visiting a store or collecting a certain amount of points.  Loyalty Campaigns on mobile phones are not only more convenient, they are more effective than traditional loyalty programs with the use of plastic cards or stamps. With BeLocal Pro, reward customers for behavior that supports your business goals: grant them virtual points or stamps and remind them to collect their rewards after surpassing those goals.



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To deliver engaging campaigns to your customers, you need to be able to customize it's look & feel. BeLocal Pro was the first on the market to introduce the concept of campaign templates. Creating beautifully designed content is a snap. We have created templates where you can add images, sounds, videos, custom copy, ‘call-to-action’ buttons and assign primary colors that match your unique brand. Simply choose your design template, drag and drop photos and enter your copy. By using new BeLocal Pro content templates, you can create beautifully designed campaigns for your customers in minutes.



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The shopping journey doesn’t always end with a store visit, so why should your marketing efforts? BeLocal Pro's retargeting allows retail marketers to take advantage of in-store location signals to personalize post store visit marketing efforts. Whether you want to stimulate return visits to the store or increase loyalty through online engagement, BeLocal Pro makes it easy to tailor your online messages based on in-store behaviors.

You can retarget rich-media campaigns through in-app notification or e-mail sent to your customers' inbox.

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Deliver your proximity campaigns

Deliver proximity campaigns using beacons or WiFi routers. BeLocal Pro proximity platform works with all iBeacon, Eddystone devices, WiFi Routers, Qr Codes, NFC Tags, and Geofence.

Location-based marketing with beacons and geofence has quickly become an essential part of every retailer's business strategy. Many forget that every WiFi network can also be successfully used to deliver proximity campaigns to customers.


Engage your customers at a point of decision with or without a mobile app with Eddystone-URL™. Belocal Pro enables you to create, deliver and analyse Physical Web campaigns on all nearby-enabled Android devices.


Geofence is a virtual boundary for a real-world geographic area. In BeLocal Pro, Geofence is generated as a radius around a store or point location. Customer receives a push notification on his mobile device as soon as he enters the defined radius. Customers who receive a Geofence notification are 2.7x more likely to use app than those who don't receive one.


Increase conversion by targeting people by their age, gender or interests. Choose what times of each day your campaigns should be delivered. 

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  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Unlimited Campaign Scheduling
  • Unlimited Loyalty Programs
  • Unlimited Coupon Campaigns
  • Unlimited Retargeting Campaigns
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Unlimited Access To BeLocal Pro Online Training Videos
  • 1 QR Code / NFC Tag Manager To Promote Loyalty / Coupon Campaigns.***
  • Add More Beacons To Your Subscription. (small fee per beacon/spot)
  • **One-Time $19.95 Set Up Fee**

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