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At BeLocal Pro, we are all about being local and helping local businesses grow. Together with our BeLocal Pro app and our one-of-a-kind proximity marketing platform, you will engage with more customers locally.

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BeLocal, BuyLocal, GiveLocal


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The BeLocal Pro Book is growing and adding new communities and expanding our reach everyday. Join in and learn how you can benefit and grow your business with BeLocal Pro.


Same size ad as purchased for the print book will be promoted in the BeLocal Pro Digital Online Book. Add links to your website, videos, landing pages, printable coupons, or add a contact form link.  Our Online digital book is mobile friendly and works on all devices.

BeLocal Pro Smart Spot Beacon, with full access to Premium Platform Package
Includes: unlimited ad content creation; unlimited ad campaigns; unlimited coupon campaigns; create/operate customized digital loyalty program.

Geofence: global positioning (GPS) used to define a geographic virtual boundary.
Includes: trigger to send an app notification when a mobile device enters
(or exits) the specified geofenced area. Businesses can section off a geographic area and
communicate with devices within the geofenced space (up to 1-mile).

Unlimited BeLocal Pro Mobile App downloads.

Free BeLocal Pro Online Directory Listing.

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Place ads/promotions on mobile devices within close proximity of your business every day!
Create proximity campaigns in minutes with our one-of-a-kind platform.
Deliver them with or without our ready-to-use BeLocal Pro mobile app!


More Than just a platform for managing Nearby Beacon notifications!

Meet the entire BeLocal Pro Proximity Marketing EcoSystem.

Loyalty Campaigns

Coupon Campaigns

Geofence Campaigns

Push Notification Campaigns

Social Sharing


Easy-to-Use Ad & Campaign Templates

Flexible Schedule for Ads & Campaigns

Target Users with Personalized Ads

Reach Customers on Smartphones

Get Real-Time Customer Analytics

Collect & Save Customer Data


BeLocal Pro is determined to "BeLocal, BuyLocal, GiveLocal", and has the platform to help ensure this is always happening in our communities around the globe. Work with BeLocal Pro to help Local Businesses, Nonprofits, Churches and your Local Chamber of Commerce to engage and grow your community.
 Find out how your Chamber of Commerce, Local Nonprofit, or Community Church can benefit from growing your community with BeLocal Pro.


Take advantage of Spot campaigns and take your business to the next level.

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Deliver detailed product information or commercials directly to your customers. Enable comparing products to have a great shopping experience.

Speaker at Business Conference and Presentation. Audience at the conference hall.

Conventions & Events

Always deliver up-to-date event schedules. Personalize the conference experience with engaging information about speakers and their presentations.

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Keep a Spot in your vehicle and continually promote your brand wherever you go. Keep one at each office 24/7 marketing to anyone walking or even driving by. Give one to every employee for 24 hour everywhere campaigns.

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